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Adult Drug Court


The Adult Drug Court is designed to treat substance abuse issues within the criminal justice system. The main goal of Adult Drug Court is to focus on substance abuse treatment and compliance.

Participants may be sent to Adult Drug Court as a condition of probation or diversion. Participants are expected to comply with probation and follow all requirements. Probation may be extended to maximum term or may be shortened with honorable discharge when completed.

Adult Drug Court is a minimum of 18 months – 12 months of treatment, then 6 months of aftercare.

Court appearances start weekly and can be set out up to monthly depending on the progress of the participant.

Bristlecone Family Resources is the treatment agency contracted through the 2nd Judicial Court to administer the Adult Drug Court Program.


Participants are subject to random drug and alcohol testing regardless of substance abuse history. Tests may be administered as court directed or at Bristlecone.


Fees are administered by the courts and the program is completed only after all fees are paid in full.

Additional Requirements

Participants are required to be employed or attending vocational training. Transitional living housing options are available.

NO alcohol, NO narcotic pain medication, NO opiates, NO methadone

NONE! (Even with a prescription)

Our door is always open!

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