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Gambling Addiction Treatment Education (GATE)

It is estimated that over 100,000 Nevada residents have a gambling problem. At 6.4% of the population, this is one of the highest rates in the country. Experts note, “Nevada’s pathological gamblers produce millions in social costs, impacting the criminal justice system, the corrections system, human services system, and Nevada’s overall economic health.”

Bristlecone is dedicated to meeting Nevada’s need for problem gambling treatment and helping people reclaim their lives from the disastrous and pervasive impact of this addiction. Since 2006, the agency’s Gambling Addiction Treatment and Education (GATE) Program has helped hundreds of people through effective, evidence-based treatment in a safe, sober, and supportive setting. Services are provided by a Certified Problem Gambling Counselor/ Supervisors (CPGC-S) and Certified Problem Gambling Counselor Interns (CPGC-I).

Program Services

Residential Gambling Treatment Program: This is a live-in program and provides clients in recovery a clean, safe, structured, and supportive environment. Strict rules and regulations are in place to facilitate the safety of clients and promote independence. Highly trained counselors work on site and are available at all times. Through this service, the GATE Program provides problem gambling assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and 24-hour monitoring. Residential clients with a substance use disorder are not eligible for the gambling program until they have been substance free for thirty days.

Individual and Family Therapy: The GATE Program provides individual counseling to problem gamblers and family members affected by problem gamblers. In addition, acknowledging the important role that families and other allies can play in successful recovery, we incorporate these individuals in counseling whenever possible. Qualified and trained counselors offer specialized treatment tailored to those living with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse coupled with mental health disorders).

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Gambling Treatment: This service offers assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services on an outpatient or intensive outpatient basis to individuals with a gambling related problem who are not in need of 24-hour supervision. Services include face-to-face therapeutic sessions or services in response to crisis for the individual. The GATE Program offers a diverse menu of stage-appropriate choices that fit the client’s needs throughout the recovery process. The program provides gambling specific groups focusing on a variety of issues ranging from cross addictions, to relapse prevention, to legal and financial issues.

Transitional Living: This program promotes recovery and independence by providing housing, supportive services, and advocacy; it is one step closer toward full integration back into the community. Individuals in the TL program who qualify can also participate in our successful targeted program that helps individuals acquire the information, skills and support they need to re-enter the workforce they need to establish a more stable lifestyle.

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