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Hours of Operation

Assessment/Evaluation Services – Assessments are scheduled by appointment only. Please call (775) 954-1400 to schedule your assessment.

Residential program – operates 24/7, with client admissions occurring by appointment only.

Outpatient Services – groups are provided from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm per counselor assignment.

Assessment/Evaluation Services ($100-150 Fee)

Assessment services are provided to referred or self-referred individuals and/or families.  Our fees are based on the type of assessment(s) provided. Through this process, our staff collects and interprets empirical and behavioral evidence to determine the presence of addictive behavior patterns. The assessment counselor then makes referrals to the appropriate level of treatment services, if warranted, and to community agencies as appropriate.

Admission Priority

Treatment admission prioritization for all programs must be conducted in the following order: pregnant injection drug users, pregnant substance abusers, non-pregnant injection drug users, all others.

Fee for Treatment Services

Bristlecone offers a sliding fee scale. Upon admission to treatment, please meet with the Finance Department to determine your fee.

Please bring: Proof of Income, ID / Proof of Nevada Residency

When applying for admission, the following information will be required to complete the process:

  • Verification of income – pay stub, bank statements, last tax documentation or proof of income from any agency or local service provider
  • Available dates for treatment
  • Referral source name, phone and fax numbers, if available.
  • Due to our limited scope of practice, we request any reports describing the client’s legal history to determine appropriateness for treatment

Payments at time of Admittance 

Bristlecone will request that clients being admitted make arrangements with the financial department. (Housing fee may be higher depending on income level.)

Payment arrangements will be made for the remaining balances for treatment.
Some insurance companies cover part or all of the costs of treatment at Bristlecone Family Resources. Please call the financial department for further information.
Medicare and Medicaid does NOT cover the cost of residential treatment.

Bristlecone Family Resources now has the capability to accept Nevada Welfare Quest Card (Food Stamps), VISA and MasterCard to pay for food costs while in residential treatment.

 Important Information to Know

  • Bristlecone is a nicotine free facility. Smoking, vaping and any other form of tobacco use are prohibited on any Bristlecone property.
  • Upon admission, client’s property is inventoried. Please leave all valuables, cell phones, and electronics at home. Bristlecone staff are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Please bring personal hygiene products; however, alcohol must not be listed in the first 4 ingredients of the product (I.E. alcohol-based mouthwash, hand sanitizing products are not allowed).
  • Bring comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.  The laundry schedule allows clients to do laundry weekly.  Excessive amounts of clothing will not be allowed. You will be given limited storage space.
  • Illegal/non-prescribed drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted on Bristlecone property. Possession of these items on Bristlecone property is grounds for immediate discharge.

Read the Bristlecone Client Handbook

Still have questions?  Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or send an e-mail to Tyana Kuras at [email protected].

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